What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?

AVR provides a 24/7 roadside assistance and recovery service. Please call 8000123-8000225.

Can I drive my vehicle outside Qatar?

No vehicles are permitted to be driven outside of Qatar without prior approval from AVR.

What are the periodic checks that I need to do?

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the battery, oil, water, other fluid levels and tyre pressure are regularly checked as stated in the manufacturer’s handbook. For any queries regarding the servicing or maintenance of the vehicle, please call AVR on 8000225.

What should I do when my vehicle needs servicing and maintenance?

Please call 8000225 and arrange a service booking with one of our customer service representatives. We will book your vehicle in for service and arrange a replacement vehicle.

What should I do if I receive a traffic offence / parking notice?

All fines or offences related to all AVR vehicles are processed by the team at AVR with subsequent notification and invoice of the costs to the customer.

What should I do if my vehicle is involved in an accident?

Vehicles involved in an accident should be reported to the Police and a copy of the Police Report should be obtained. Please notify AVR by calling 8000225.

What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

Report the theft to the Police immediately, obtain a copy of the Police Report, then notify AVR by calling 8000225

What is the insurance coverage?

All AVR vehicles are fully comprehensively insured over and above the levels required by Qatari law. Full coverage options are available upon request.

When will AVR refund the blocked amount to a credit card?

The security block is not charged to the credit card so there is no actual refund from AVR. However, it can take up to 29 days (or less, depending on the bank or the card provider) for the block to be released. After that, you can use the amount.